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  • Links which open in a new window

    21 juin 2010, par MarkEditor's user guide
    Many internet users and webmasters (often beginners) appear to think that some certain links on websites should forcibly open a new window in the browser. The SPIP team, like many others, think that this is bad practice. In cases where this is absolutely necessary, you should enter the link in (...)
  • The status of authors within SPIP

    21 juin 2010, par MarkUsing SPIP
    If you have login credentials to a SPIP site, then you are considered as an "author" of that site. Within the default install of SPIP, there are three distinct kinds of authors: visitors, editors and administrators. The visitor is someone who can simply access the restricted parts of the public (...)

    21 juin 2010, par MarkTags
    Introduced in SPIP 1.9.1, the #SQUELETTE tag returns the path of the current template. - Tags
  • {tout}

    21 juin 2010, par MarkCriteria
    The tout criteria is used to select the data in a data as if there were no other restrictive criteria applied to that selection. As such, its usage is often attributed as being a reminder to the webmaster of a conscious decision since the same result can usually obtained without adding this new (...)
  • Extending the online help

    21 juin 2010, par MarkOther advanced functions
    The on-line help script is (starting from version SPIP 2.1) capable of combining several data sources and presenting them in a unified manner in the window which has two frames that always appears when you click on one of the question mark icons that are visible in the site's private zone. (...)


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